2017: A Positive 12 Month Cycle for Industrial Manufacturing Companies

Although it is natural for any company to have its ups and downs, especially with the unknowns that 2017 brought with a new president-elect, this year came in on the record as a prevalently positive 12-month cycle. We kicked off the year in discussion of the positive impacts throughout the HVAC industry, but bigger topics like the election, the new IATF standards in automotive, and developing skilled workers through apprenticeships and STEM education took initiative.

In transportation, ISO standards for high-quality, safety, reliability, and environmentally friendly efforts are no longer the guideline. By the end of 2018, the industry will now abide by the International Automotive Task Force or IATF. The goal is to improve quality management, address defect prevention, and reduce waste beyond the capabilities of 2017. Companies will have one shot to make the transition, during an audit held during the time of the company’s regularly scheduled surveillance or recertification audit. Risk mitigation is also a prominent part of the new standard and will help to lessen the chances of vehicle/system failure.

At Perfection, we’re excited for the transition to take place, as it also gives us a chance to further rise to our customer’s needs.  Industrial automotive requirements now require strict control of the quantity of residual contamination on the components supplied.  Two specified factors now apply, those being “Qualitative Requirements” and “Quantitative Limits.” These standards are becoming the “new norm” demanded by OEMs and the Tier 1’s whom supply parts for sensitive subsystem parts used in automotive electronics, fuel systems, and transmissions. To accommodate these changes, we are excited to have added new testing equipment and are anxiously awaiting the installation of a new “Technical Parts Washing System”.  Our enhanced wash capabilities will allow us to meet upgraded ISO 16232 cleanliness requirements. These two pieces of equipment will push our capabilities to the next level of automotive cleanliness standards.

With 2018 quickly approaching, manufacturing leaders have also been keeping an eye on the new administration’s effect on the economy and industry. Updates are in place from as recent as November 2017. With the pass of the new tax reform, businesses like Perfection will get a jumpstart in the field. Money once put forth towards taxes can now officially be invested into options like equipment, cleaning systems (as mentioned above), general reinvestment within U.S. manufacturing, the economy at large, and standards like the IATF.

With big changes in the industry, there will be room for job growth too. As a result, we hope to continue to see an increase in STEM education, a growing interest in the manufacturing field, and consequently more placement. New equipment that is being invested in will need new operators to oversee the thorough running of functions. This is why apprenticeship programs, like we have at Perfection, are more important today than ever before — given the field’s labor shortages. With a skilled team of professionals, including those involved in the apprenticeship programs, we’re excited to witness industry changes like discontinuation of sector myths as the new reform begins to reflect in numbers.

Since 1955, Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp. has been providing high-quality, large volume, precision metal formed components, custom progressive stampings, coiled springs, fourslide parts, wireforms, and mechanical assemblies for the global marketplace. We continue to partner with customers in industries such as automotive, computer, construction, consumer electronics, medical,  home and garden, home office, HVAC, plumbing, power supplies,  solar, clean energy, wind, and more.

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From the team here at Perfection Spring & Stamping, we wish all of our customer base and media followers a very happy and healthy holiday season! We look forward to reconnecting with you in the new year!

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