A Day in the Life of a Perfection Spring & Stamping Engineer

Engineering is integral to the success of many industrial and commercial programs. At Perfection Spring and Stamping, we are well aware of this fact—that’s why our seasoned engineering team gets involved from the very start!Perfection Spring & Stamping - Engineering Team

When a RFQ (request for quote) is received for a custom metal component, our engineers take the lead by conducting a comprehensive review of the part design. Once verified, the engineers create the most accurate quote—with the best manufacturing practices in mind—to meet the requirements of each project.

The engineering team is responsible for several important tasks: calculating material usage and related costs, noting any special processes and finishes, estimating run rates and tooling costs, part packaging (specialized and/or bulk), and more. Our engineers get customers involved by opening the lines of communication; Perfection Spring encourages customers to discuss any potential concerns, such as where the final product will be used (as the environment can be critical to material choice and design).

Project Management

When a new project is awarded to Perfection Spring, the engineering team is involved with our formal Kickoff Procedure. This detailed process includes a team approach with representatives of not only engineering, but that of production, quality, sales, manufacturing, and logistics.  After the kickoff, several plans are set in motion, including the tooling design & build, assigning materials and tool tracking numbers, triggering work orders, and more!

The parts of the puzzle fall into place during fabrication—the initial setup occurs in a punch press, four-slide machine, coiling machine, or wire-former. The Project Engineer will follow through and ensure that the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is properly managed and the parts meet all customer requirements. Our engineers then summarize the project and stay involved throughout the first initial production runs, ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Continuity Throughout The Years

The engineers at Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp. continue as project managers for the duration of the project. They will work with manufacturing, quality or logistics to make sure the project continues to run smoothly—this includes reviewing the machine, tooling, and proper maintenance techniques.

Our engineers have always worked closely with Perfection’s customers, and each new project presents new challenges to overcome. We asked one of our engineers why he chose to work at Perfection and he said, “for me, it’s personal. I have worked my way up from being an operator, to a machine setter, to a leadman. When I was given the opportunity to be an engineer, my formal degree started to really payoff, and next year will be my twentieth year with the company.”

Perfection Spring and Stamping Corp. is a second-generation, family-owned company that is constantly striving to improve the quality, delivery, and overall efficiency of your manufactured products. Contact us today to learn more about the “Perfection Advantage,” and how we can best support your needs.




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