A Day in the Life of: A PSS Tool & Die Maker

The Tool & Die Makers – A nondescript title if you ask us. They could be called the “oversee-ers,” “team leaders,” “problem solvers,” and some may even say “the backbone” of our corporation. If anyone in the company needs something, they head to the tool room.

Our Tool & Die Department Lead, Dennis, sets the scene for us — getting in at 6AM, our toolmakers light up the production floor and pick up where we all left off the night before. Working together to prep for daily production, whether that is prepping the presses, blocks, or starting work on a tool that’s needed, it all comes down to coordination and organization. The most important aspect of the job is ensuring all of the departments have the proper equipment to get going for the day. In order to ensure this, often times the team will make tools, sharpen or repair existing tools, dies, machine parts, and assist in setting up the dies for the punch press.  Often the detailed schedule is set aside to react to customer emergencies and unexpected events and schedule changes.  It’s all taken in stride as part of a normal day to service our customers.

Another aspect of the job includes maintenance and upkeep of tools and dies. The team continues to impress us with their experience in problem solving and troubleshooting as problems arise. Each individual shows just how unbelievably knowledgeable they are in the function of all of our materials.  In fact, Dennis’s knowledge has allowed him to be our trusted department lead, in which not only does he oversee the department, but also is training our apprentices. He passes along his knowledge and strong work ethic to these bright individuals that are seeking a lifelong career.  And the feedback that we get from the department… The variety of work is what keeps them coming back!

Our PSS perception – we utilize their expertise to ensure great quality. A toolmaker’s crucial oversight helps ensure that parts are made correctly. They work closely with our in-house staff of engineers to conclude that parts are set to print. Ultimately, they are the string that ties everything together.

We thank all of our Tool & Die Makers that serve the Perfection Spring and Stamping team because we believe everyone in our company works as a unit to get things done, and ultimately keep the customers coming back for more.

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