A Day in the Life of: QA

PSS Quality Image March 2016Quality… Both a strong and important term when it comes down to the relationship between a business and their client, but what does quality truly mean? According to our Quality Assurance Department Manager, “Quality” is what a company provides to its customers every day. As part of our “Day in the Life Series” interviews, Bill has highlighted more about how the Quality Assurance plays a key role in customer satisfaction:

For our company, specifically, it means making sure that our customer is happy in the long run and by the end of a project. Simply put, if your customer is unhappy, you don’t have a customer at all. At Perfection we do what needs to get done to ensure the happiness of all involved. This includes tracking key indicators, making sure shipping is accurate and timely, keeping product lines running smoothly, and staying on top of the process from start to finish. Bottom line, the key to customer satisfaction is quality and our quick response time doesn’t hurt much either.

Bill continues, “At Perfection, the QA department is a support function for the entire company. The department handles everything from assisting production, engineering, ensuring material are to spec, and supporting all other departments to support any and all needs. If there is an issue, QA is here to help find a solution. The best part about the Perfection team is that we work to figure out the problems before they might occur. This puts us leaps and bounds ahead of any complications that may arise. If we hit a bump in the road we’ve already prepared a solution for it.”

Regarding “Part Inspection” Bill notes, “In the past, the QA department used to just be Inspectors who would walk the floor and check parts, but QA is a whole different entity. Instead, we now have Quality Engineers and Technicians. We walk alongside each department every step of the way, and make sure that all personnel on the floor are trained properly and know what they’re doing and how to inspect the product they are running. After all, they are the first line of defense and are responsible for the parts they make. When we work together as a team, and training is done properly, it adds value and quality to our company as well. “

One great thing about our company is that internal and external operations coincide with one another. We constantly monitor and follow the product through its process which leads to better service and on time delivery. When we get new request QA makes sure there is a game plan. We create control plans, customize flow charts, inspect concepts and objects all the way through It is also our responsibility to put together necessary documentation which directs the operators ,who make the parts, on all of the necessities on how to run and check the parts. Quality starts well before a single part is made. The “Perfection Advantage”, as we call it, is that our preplanning, procedures, and processes all play a part in quality from concept through production.

To wrap things up, QA can be viewed beyond quality, as a good support team. We function similarly to Customer Service in that we receive calls about our quality – we deal with customers on the same level. As a team, we work to be open and honest about the quality of the company, what’s being done right, and what can be improved upon. We instill our wisdom to the rest of the company and it reflects well upon us as one functioning unit.

If you’re looking for a company who understand your needs and provides the quality you seek, Perfection Spring & Stamping has a provide track record. For custom Stampings, Springs, Wireforms and Assemblies, see what “The Perfection Advantage” can do for you. Contact www.pss-corp.com, 411@pss-corp.com.

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