Facing the Skilled Labor Shortages Head-On

Ever since USA manufacturing lost a large portion of its manufacturing in the wave of “Off shoring” starting in the 1980s, we have also lost the skilled trades that are required. Those lost opportunities created a decline of interest in American manufacturing and the education courses offered to fill them. What was once the industry of the middle class has become a lost and forgotten career to many. When was the last time you heard that metal shop being offered in a high school? Today, we are lucky to find that many manufacturing opportunities are returning the U.S. from overseas with the returning wave of “Reshoring” Image 1 - Feb. 2016 Blogcreating a need for skilled tradesman and technicians to rekindle the manufacturing sector of our economy.

Many school districts across the country are realizing the lack of instruction in math, science, and technology that students will need for future careers. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, also known as “STEM” education, is the first step to getting students interested in career fields that they never considered before – one of the biggest pushes being manufacturing.

National events such as “Manufacturing Day” bring students and industry together to rectify the false ideas many people associate with the industry. Manufacturing today isn’t the same as it was 60 years ago. Today’s job shops are full of state of the art computer controlled equipment, advanced technologies, clean work areas, and less noise. While ones hands might still get dirty, the reward of a high paying job and the added satisfaction of “creating”, as opposed to working in a service sector, can be enormous.

We understand the myths surrounding the industry and work continuously to dispel them. We support STEM education and the benefits that it offers to all industries, not solely manufacturing. The current reshoring efforts depend on having the skilled workforce needed to engineer and manufacture the high quality products required in all market sectors.

We have found that our apprenticeship programs have been an ideal way to handle the shortage of workers. At Perfection, many of the departments have apprenticeship programs that result not only in obtaining a skilled trade, but a future career. Some of the programs include apprentices in our tool room, fourslide, punch press, and coiling departments. Our Training Administrator oversees the apprentices to make sure they are on the right track. Having in-house programs from national accredited programs, to internal training for machine operators, let us manage what is taught and learned to benefit all involved.

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We seek both men and women to apply to our program, many of which are choosing to Image 4 - Feb. 2016 Bloglearn a trade. We are very proud to announce and welcome our first female tool room apprentice this year. The nationally accredited programs we have offers students an option, other than a traditional college path, to provide them with the schooling and education that they need for a successful career. Participants receive a skill and a trade that will last a lifetime and, in return, also allows them a head start in the industry.

Apprenticeships offer a feel for the manufacturing industry and the jobs that are available in today’s economy. Growing these types of programs (STEM education and apprenticeships) helps to clear up misconceptions, benefiting manufacturing, our communities, and our economy as we are put our stamp on the future of the industry!

If you or somebody you know might be interested in an apprenticeship at Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp., give us a call or learn more about us at www.pss-corp.com.

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