“Future Business Leaders of America” High School Class Mentored by Perfection Spring & Stamping Executive

We believe the future is in the hands of our children, you know “Those millennials”. While many appear to loath the millennial generation with preconceived conceptions about their drive and motivation, Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp. is reaching out to guide and work side-by-side to encourage their success.

Stevenson High School, in Lincolnshire, IL, has created a unique class to train tomorrow’s generation with a non-traditional method. This class entitled “Entrepreneurial Tactics” is lead by Joeseph Reinmann, a Business Education Teacher. Instead of learning from a book, the students are learning from mentors and business leaders through a real-world teaching method as they are lead through a business development process. The program builds on lessons students have learned in their classes, inspires imagination, fosters conceptual thinking, and prepares them for public speaking, and the process of creating a “Start-up” business based upon a product or service. Perfection Spring & Stamping’s Executive Vice President, Joshua Kahn, was asked to participate in Mr. Reinmann’s class representing the “Manufacturing” portion of business.

Future Business Leaders of America Image 1From a concept, they create a “Business Plan” for a product or service. The 4-5 person student teams work with business leaders and mentors through a process of idea generation, feasibility, market research, marketing, manufacturing, legal, finance and selling. The mentors are brought in to guide, assist, educate and reinforce the main concepts of business development, the risks and rewards, perils, and opportunities. The semester ends with a “Shark-Tank” like presentation to judge their plan, concept and feasibility for their final grade.

Crazy idea for learning perhaps, but it sounds awfully similar to the student business plan written in 1965 by a Yale University student named Fred W. Smith. Mr. Smith’s term paper was the crazy idea, at-the-time, for a direct air-flight system to accommodate time-sensitive shipments, such as medicine, rather than being transported as fright on a traditional passenger plane and their non-direct routes. He received a below average grade and his professor who insisted it was “economically unfeasible”. Fred Smith went on to prove his professor wrong and invented an industry of next-day delivery with a “package only air fleet”. Perhaps you have heard of FedEx?

For the 2016 Spring term, Joshua Kahn, of Perfection Spring & Stamping, discussed “Revenue Streams and Cost Structures” so the students could build their business plan including actual cost and profit models. Mr. Kahn taught in two classes related to real world Future Business Leaders of America Image 2experiences and challenges not included in textbooks. He continued as a mentor for students who came to Perfection Spring & Stamping to meet with himself and engineering staff. Together, they brainstormed about manufacturing costs and economically feasible designs and manufacturability. Joshua commented, “The ideas of these young minds is limitless and their imagination is refreshing. The student’s products and service ideas range from a “Double-sided Thermos”, a “Custom Motivational LED Bracelet”, and “Hair Salon Imaging Systems for Styles & Cuts Previews”.

Kahn noted, “Sharing my knowledge and experiences to prepare them for their journey ahead is like passing the baton. I feel encouraged by the passion and drive of these young minds, giving me confidence for success from the Millennial Generation.” This is one of the many Future Business Leaders of America Image 3programs that supports how STEM education leads to a brighter future for career opportunities. It is extremely important, as members of the manufacturing community that we work toward introducing students to potential careers in the businesses. Perfection Spring & Stamping encourages outreach, training, and teaching, and does so as its normal course of business. We offer apprenticeship programs and support events such as Manufacturing Day that bring students into our facility to see what it is that we actually do.

Through our 61 years in business in manufacturing the finest stampings, springs, four-slide components and assemblies, our commitment to our customers is matched by our commitment to our employees and the community. Contact us to learn more about “The Perfection Advantage” at www.pss-corp.com.

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