HVAC Industry Update Shows Positive Impacts

HVAC is something that is needed year round. Staying warm during the winter months is crucial while staying cool in the hot summer months is a luxury few are willing to live without, especially in places like our sweet home Chicago. With more green technology and smart homes and buildings being designed, HVAC is now a more innovative and progressive industry than ever before.

There are several factors driving the HVAC industry in today’s market, such as equipment, green technology, intelligent homes and buildings, and traditional heating and air conditioning products. All of these factors impacted an uptrend on the overall industry in 2016, with even more growth expected in 2017 and in future years.

Current revenue in the HVAC industry is $88 billion dollars, with an annual growth expected around 5%. The high prospects are due, in part, to the rebound from the recession and more construction going on nationwide including public and private buildings and personal residences. We’re always looking for ways to grow and adapt with our customers in order to best serve their needs, including those in the appliance and HVAC industry.

Here at Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp., we are able to supply the custom metal components that HVAC companies need for their systems. All of our high volume custom metal progressive stampings, coiled springs, fourslide parts, wireforms, and mechanical assemblies can be designed and engineered to your specifications. When it comes to service and support, we’re with you from design through production. To learn more about Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp we invite you to read more on our blog and follow us on Twitter.  We look forward to helping you with the right part for your HVAC products, and the increasing business the HVAC industry will bring to all ends.

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