It’s Laundry Season & Perfection is Here to Supply the Parts You Need

Summer is Here (and so is Your Laundry Pile!):

With the warm weather here, spring sports and activity participation are in full swing! Get ready for summer sweat and dirt to make way to clothing. From those involved in sports leagues to just innocent play-time in the yard/at the park, one thing is for certain: slips, slides, and celebrations will stain and dirty your clothes and uniforms.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that the volume of laundry is also continuing to rise! Focus groups and forums across the country claim active youth can produce up to 16 pounds of laundry each week. Add to it the rigor of team and solo sports and the count can skew towards the 18 pounds range.  This equates to about 12 hours of active run time per week, per washing machine.

What This Means for Manufacturers:

Like other home appliances, a washing machine is comprised of many moving parts and precise, well-calibrated interactions between them. They just so happen to also be more susceptible to wear and tear due to their rotary motion for prolonged periods of time to warrant good cleaning. Plus, many pieces are in constant contact with corrosion-causing water!

The custom components that go into putting together an effective washing machine have to be perfectly cast, treated to prevent rust and made of material that doesn’t expand or chip due to continued use.

The combination of summer, sports activities, uncountable laundry loads, and traditional washing machine wear and tear means industry leaders need to partner with suppliers who know their craft and can produce parts that will withstand the test of time.

Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp.:

A global supplier since 1955, Perfection has been creating custom metal products for a myriad of industries including appliances such as washing machines.  We have served the appliance industry continuously since 1960 with a steady stream of metal stampings, springs, wireforms and assemblies to help keep you and your clothes looking good!

We employ four slide forming technique that is used to manufacture relatively small, robust and complex stampings and wireforms. Our progressive die stamping outputs find a place of pride in many electrical and mechanical applications. Finally, many of our springs and wireforms can be found working hard to keep several appliances and other machines running smoothly and for many, many cycles.

Perfection offers more than a “part.” It stands for the promise of service, security and engineering excellence.

Contact us at 847.437.3900 x 411.

To learn more about our capabilities follow our blog, interact with us on Twitter, or connect with us on LinkedIn!


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