Manufacturing Day Ignites Students to Visit Perfection Spring & Stamping Over the Next Few Months

We’re looking forward to the next couple months at Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp. asmfgday16-courtesy-of-mfgday-website we expect over one-hundred students, from several local high schools, to tour our facility for National Manufacturing Day.

As recent as a few decades ago, manufacturing was considered a lackluster, labor-intensive career. Today, businesses across the industry work to show the many differences in the field between then and now. The intention of Manufacturing Day, typically held on the first Friday of October, is to inspire the next generation to get involved.

A common belief is that manufacturing is an industry lacking opportunity for comfortable and successful living when, in fact, those of us maintaining jobs in the field know that it is profitable, rewarding, and secure all the while making up the backbone of the US Economy and job opportunities. Austin Poly High School is planning to visit our facility in November, and we are currently in the works of confirming several other schools such as Oak Forest High School, Wheeling High School, and more! We can’t begin to express how excited we are to show our advances in the industry and uphold the fact that students can have successful careers in manufacturing.

In fact, manufacturing is a great option for students looking for a niche field post graduation and for those who don’t think college is the right fit for them. Read through our past blogs and you will see all that we offer in regards to apprentice work, mentoring programs, and internships.

Perfection Spring & Stamping has seen many changes in manufacturing since our founding in 1955.  We continue to change, adapt and reinvent ourselves as we offer the finest stampings, springs, and assemblies on the market. If you are a student or know of someone that may be interested in learning more about our company or starting a career, take a look around the Perfection Spring & Stamping website ( or call today: 847-437-3900 x 411.

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