New Wire EDM Technology Added!

To continue to provide the best for our customers, we are always looking for ways to improve our quality, service and cost.  One way to do this is to invest in our future with the latest technology and equipment. In saying that, Perfection Spring & Stamping is excited to announce the purchase and installation of the new Mitsubishi MD+ Pro III Wire EDM to enhance its current tool room equipment to support our progressive die stamping operations.

As Perfection’s EDM Setup Technician explains, “The new machine is faster, more efficient, and user friendly.  It is exciting to be upgrading with additional equipment and software with the latest in today’s technology.”

Wire EDM TechnologyThe Mitsubishi MD+ Pro III Wire EDM has several advancements that will help continue to keep Perfection Spring & Stamping eco-friendly per our ISO 14001 Certification. Some of the new features are:

  • New linear motor design that creates no friction, no wear, no need for lubrication, no reversal error, no expansion due to heat, and no noise
  • Software with energy-saving modes
  • Larger indexable rollers
  • Wire chopper

With all of these advancements, we are looking forward to seeing a reduction in set-up time, operating cost, and a 60% savings in wire scrap. The savings and efficiencies of this new technology allow Perfection Spring & Stamping to maintain its competitive advantage as a high quality/low-cost supplier as we continue to serve the global market.

“The Perfection Advantage” – It’s what we provide to our customers every day!

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