Perfection Shares at Sales and Marketing Round Table 2016

Coming together to strengthen the metal forming industry!

PSS at PMA Round Table 2016Last month the Precision Metalforming Association’s annual Sales and Marketing Round Table took place in St. Louis, Missouri. This is something that the Perfection Spring and Stamping (PSS) team has been participating in and looks forward to each year. The round table provides us with the opportunity to meet with others in the industry, vendors and competitors, to openly and honestly discuss what our industry has seen with new marketing methods and technologies, as well as sales strategies, to better communicate better with our customers’. We see this annual meeting as one of the many great benefits of being a part of the association.

Rachel Kahn, Sales/Marketing, and Joshua Kahn, Executive Vice President Sales/Marketing, shared their unique perspectives and experiences with the group. Rachel comes as the “Marketing Millennial”, and Joshua as the seasoned professional. Together they make a great team to align and adjust marketing programs for the new generation of prospective customers. The discussion topics range(d) from specific marketing strategy successes and downfalls, new technologies, to common sales obstacles we as have seen as custom metal manufacturers in today’s global marketplace. Rachel remarked that, “We always leave there [the round table discussion] learning something new, along with plenty of great ideas and suggestions. Also, you can feel the camaraderie between competitors as it becomes apparent that we all have similar struggles and there is a common goal to make U.S.A. Manufacturing strong again.”

Being able to continually improve and provide a clear message to educate our customers and prospects about who we are, what we do, and what sets Perfection Spring & Stamping apart is key to our continued success over the last sixty-one years in business. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise, and continue to share our new and proven strategies in various conferences and round tables- such as PMA’s events, to make the industry better as a whole. In fact, you can read about how Rachel was invited to be on the “Expert Panel” at last year’s PMA Sales and Marketing Conference here, as Perfection has always been on the forefront of marketing methods within the industry.

To learn more about Perfection Spring & Stamping, visit our website at Learn about the “Perfection Advantage” on how we can help you with your custom metal components. To speak with a Perfection Sales Team member, contact us today!

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