Perfection Spring and Stamping Celebrates National Safety Month

While the team at Perfection Spring and Stamping is excited to celebrate National Safety Month this June, we’re dedicated to safety year-round, employing stringent measures throughout our facility and processes to ensure our staff remains as safe as possible.

In honor of this year’s National Safety Month, we encourage all our clients to take this time to review their own safety practices. Created by the National Safety Council, National Safety Month aims to shed light on important industrial safety issues and guidelines. Throughout June, they’ll be providing comprehensive educational safety materials, including fact checks and safety guides, to help manufacturers better ensure safety for their employees.

This year’s National Safety Month will focus on a different theme each week: Week one is “Stand Up to Falls;” week two is “Recharge to be in Charge,” focusing on eliminating fatigue; week three is “Prepare for Active Shooters;” and week four is “Don’t Just Sit There,” focusing on the often overlooked issue of ergonomics.

Safety at Perfection Spring

Safety hazards are inevitable in manufacturing settings, but that doesn’t mean workspaces must be dangerous for staff members. Since our founding in 1955, we’ve made the safety of our team our first priority, reflected in our mission statement.

In our facilities, fire safety and hazardous material safety are especially important. To keep our employees safe in the event of fire, our Safety Director holds fire safety training sessions regularly throughout the year. Active and participation-based, these training sessions ensure that our staff knows the location of fire extinguishers and emergency exits, what to do in the event of a fire emergency, and precautionary measures to take in order to reduce fire risks.

Our staff is also regularly trained in hazardous material handling. We employ the United Nations-developed Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of chemical classification and labeling to make sure our entire staff knows exactly what material they are handling. They are also regularly trained in the proper handling procedures and personal protection equipment required for hazardous materials used at our facilities.

Ensuring Safety at Your Facilities

We put a great deal of emphasis on safety at Perfection Spring & Stamping — not just during National Safety Month but 365 days a year. We also urge all of our customers, regardless of industry, to do the same.

We work with companies in the large appliance, automotive, consumer electronics, medical, HVAC, and energy industries, as well as countless others — each of which faces unique safety issues. We understand that it can be easy to grow comfortable with your procedures as they are; we also understand that this is when accidents are most likely to occur. National Safety Month is the ideal time to brush up on your safety measures, ensuring that your employees are, and remain, as safe as possible.

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