Perfection Spring & Stamping’s Implementation of ISO 14001 Environment Management

Here at Perfection Spring & Stamping, we looked at the aspects of our operations that created a “waste stream” and any impact on the environment we brought into the building (energy, supplies, materials, packaging, etc.).  We also looked at materials that we used, processed, or created during our operations. We then prioritized the by-products and impacts that potentially affected the environment. As a company supported by our management team, we had the desire to reduce our impact on local landfills for anything that could not be reusable or recyclable, or could be dangerous to the environment.
To obtain and maintain our ISO 14001 Certification, we have made the following changes and commitments to meet our company goals to live up to the requirements of the standards. These include:

  • Creating internal audits to monitor the EMS (Environmental Management System) companywide.
  • Hiring a third-party environmental consultant to keep us abreast and comply with all local, state and federal environmental requirements, legal and/or regulatory changes.
  • Setting objectives and targets to reduce the company’s waste stream.
  • Changing our factory lighting to use a fraction of the electrical power than previously.  We changed all sodium-halide lighting to high-efficient fluorescent lighting.
  • Replacing all office windows from single pane to energy efficient double-thermo pane windows.
  • Replacing office HVAC systems to high-efficiency units.
  • Reducing the amount of petrochemicals and oil-based lubricants wherever possible and replacing them with water-soluble lubricants.
  • Retiring the use of any dormant chemicals and lubricants used or stored in the building.
  • Tracking and monitoring the efficient use of natural gas, water and electricity and putting into place reduction programs where possible.
  • Tracking and monitoring newly created recycling programs plant-wide for paper, batteries, aluminum cans, wooden pallets and plastics.
  • Reviewing aspects and impacts monthly by our management team.

As we said, we have a measure of pride in running a clean factory. That’s why Earth Day got us thinking about the benefits of ISO 14001 — for us and for the environment.  We believe both are important (and the right thing to do).

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