Taking Earth Day to Heart

Earth Day is right around the corner. The holiday gives not only our company, but all companies in the industry the opportunity to focus on environmentally sustainable policies and procedures. At Perfection Spring and Stamping Corp. we have embraced Environmental Green Logoenvironmental stewardship in an effort to rework operations and become more eco-friendly. We have addressed all backend procedures starting with engineering and design all the way through to the manufacturing process itself. It is crucial that we all take note as to how internal operations can affect external matters as a whole.

But what do we mean and how can you raise your environmental standards too? The elements and compounds that many companies use today continue to be a pending issue in regards to environmental initiatives. It is important that we all take the time to educate ourselves on the long term effects of these substances.

At Perfection, we are proud to announce that we are taking control of our carbon footprint as we learn more about the potential dangers that could affect our future. We have tracked our reduction into the waste stream and find our figures exciting to share. We have recycled 19,200 pounds of paper, 2,800 batteries, and 8,600 pounds of plastics and countless wooden pallets. With the efforts of all our employees, together we have reduced landfill waste by approximately 167,000 pounds annually. We have also reduced our water usage by approximately 100,000 gallons annually, since a high point in 2012. Additionally, we have recycled over 9,780,000 pounds of aluminum, steel and other metals since our program began, have motion activated lighting to reduce our energy use, and are currently looking to find a way to more effectively recycle batteries.

Other components that have the potential to hold hazardous waste have been addressed over the past decade and beyond. Metals and alloys are an additional part of the group at risk. As industry professionals, all of our products are now RoHS compliant and we have committed to an environmental policy that “reduces, reuses, and recycles waste in our value stream.”

Our ISO14001 certification is a direct result of the Environmental Management System we have put in place. The system warrants that any and all activities are “carried out in conformance with relevant environmental legislation […].” In conjunction with EMS is an annual pledge to improve our environmental performance. We set green goals in an effort to continue as environmentally friendly leaders in the field.

Interested in contributing to a greener world? You can find further information on our products and practices by visiting our website or contacting us today.

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