YouTube: A Business Tool & Resource To Educate Our Customers

One of the great things about the “social media” revolution is that it is making it easier for customers and prospective customers to learn about the capabilities of suppliers before ever picking up the telephone. As older corporate decision-makers become more comfortable with millennial technology and usage trends, more of them are shifting their focus from traditional marketing to the power of  Web based marketing. And one of the best forums for this research can be found in company-produced videos available on YouTube. In fact, people now watch more YouTube videos than they use Google for searches — or even watch TV. While there are 3.5 billion searches on Google daily, YouTube can now boast a search rate of 4 billion searches per day. Yes, that is correct… “Per Day”!

IMG_4395Our marketing department realized this early on, so we’ve had short instructional and informative video clips on our YouTube channel for some time now. A simple search of “PSS1449” will take you right to our own YouTube “Channel”.  We began with a single video of our 600-ton punch press running using a multi-station progressive die manufacturing a complex metal stamping four years ago.  Since then, it’s been viewed more than 26,000 times by people interested in our manufacturing capabilities and services (more on this in a minute).

Since then, we’ve added many more to cover Fourslide, Coiling, and Assembly capabilities to name a few.  And, we also just added some really cool stuff like the time-lapse video of a Punch Press being delivered and installed.  Here’s a sampling:

These videos help to demonstrate the capabilities of Perfection Spring and Stamping Corp.  It has been used for training our customers’ youngest engineers and buyers, as well as at trade shows, sales calls, and career fairs.  We believe it is just about as informative as any other client-relations opportunity, short of an in-person factory tour.  All told, we’ve had more than 60,000 views since going live with our YouTube channel (PSS1449), making it one of our most popular marketing tools.  It’s been good for our business; and we believe, more importantly, it has been good for the business of our customers, as it helps them gain a better understanding of our processes and tooling, as well as the manufacturing, secondary, and quality processes we have to better meet their expectations.

Ironically, we’ve discovered that there’s even a side-benefit of our videos that we did not expect originally. They’ve become instructional resources for educators training engineers. In fact, we were recently contacted by a professor in Spain requesting permission to use them in his vocational classes. And we were happy to oblige.

So please feel free to explore our video channel to learn more about some of the expertise we bring to the table for any of your custom metal components. Then give us a call to make them happen.  Perhaps that’s why our customers refer to us as their “Perfection Advantage”.

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