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Case Studies & Cost Saving Success Stories

Design innovation equals proven cost savings!  We call it, "The Perfection Advantage"

Case StudiesIn our customer surveys it is common to read "We can't afford not to have Perfection as a supplier!" Documented cost savings to our customers have yielded tremendous savings. Cost savings opportunities are presented after access to customers' most difficult challenges. Let us put our expertise to work for you through innovative design assistance and the opportunity to review your applications and assemblies through our VA/VE program. At a time when cost savings are crucial to financial viability, let us serve you the best way we can. Invite our "Engineering Value Analysis / Value Engineering" team in to your facility to review even your most complicated mechanical components. Really, it's a simple choice, so challenge us and let us show you what we can do!

  Cost Savings Description Download PDF
CS #01 $ 1,950,000 Aluminum Module Replacing a Die Casting PDF click here   (43 KB)
CS #02 $ 1,000,000 Drawn Stamping Replacing a Die Casting and Manual Operations PDF click here   (97 KB)
CS #03 $ 3,000,000 Stamped Heatsink Fin Assembly Replacing an Extruded Heatsink PDF click here   (44 KB)
CS #04 $ 150,000 Staked Stud Bracket Replacing Weld Studs PDF click here   (34 KB)
CS #05 $ 800,000 Conductive Shield Replacing a Masked Plating Operation PDF click here   (39 KB)
CS #06 $ 2,600,000 Pop-up Striker Redesign of a Standard Commercial Striker Plate PDF click here   (75 KB)
CS #07 $ 190,000 Mechanical Staking Techniques Replacing Spot Welding PDF click here   (583 KB)
CS #08 $ 1,000,000 In-Die Process and Elimination of Secondary Deburring Operation PDF click here   (65 KB)
CS #09 $ 420,000 Torsion Spring Design Replacing a Double Extension Spring PDF click here  (186 KB)
CS #10 $ 24,000 Elimination of a Two-Part Spring-Screw Assembly PDF click here (167 KB)
CS #11 Various Various Suggested Engineering Cost Savings Proposals PDF click here (153 KB)


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