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Custom Brass & Copper Stampings for Electronic and Electrical Applications

Our customers say "The Perfection Advantage" is what sets us apart.

When it comes to providing the finest brass and copper components for electronic and electronic applications, Perfection Spring & Staming delivers! We have been working with customers that specialize in products for the electronics industry since 1955. With our expertise, we provide terminals, contacts, shields, springs and connectors that meet the requirements for the most demanding electronic and electrical applications.  When cleanliness is critical and tolerances are tight, Perfection supplies high volume solutions to the industry.


Along with the part, we also focus on four key priorities to insure our customers' success with each part we manufacture:

Service and Security: We have financial stability, a diverse portfolio, world-class quality, a global reach and rapid response.

Engineering Excellence: We offer design expertise, application experience, cooperative material selection, proactive cost reductions and risk mitigation.

Products and Processes: We provide expertise in progressive metal stamping, finishing operations, supply chain services, JIT and warehousing options, and total cost awareness.

Buyer's Benchmarks: We share technology updates, logistics trends, raw material trends, and cost breakdown details.

Your competitive source for custom electronic and electrical applications.

We specialize in production runs of 50,000 pieces and more!

  Brass & Copper Stampings - Perfection Spring & Stamping
        Custom Automotive Electronic Stamping Assembly    Electronic Fet Retainer        Brass Bulb Socket Metal Stamping- Perfection Spring & Stamping       Copper Stamping Assembly

Since 1955, Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp. has been manufacturing and engineering custom high-quality stampings, springs, wireforms, fourslide parts, and assemblies. Our manufacturing operations are fully equipped to provide a variety of custom metal components. Starting with a single prototype, we can go on to manufacture volumes reaching millions of pieces annually. Our engineering department will work with you to figure out the optimal solution for your requirement. For a cost effective solution and quality you can count on, see what "The Perfection Advantage" is all about!

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Electric and Electronic Specifications

Raw Material Capabilities
Brass; Copper, Copper Alloys and Red Metals. Various tempers and alloys
Raw Material Ranges
.0015" (0.035mm) to .187" (4.8 mm) flat stock 0.003" to 0.3125" wire.
Machine Capabilities
Fourslide, punch press, CNC wireformers, and coiling equipment. Multiple assembly operations and equipment
Tight tolerance stamping capability We can build tooling to meet your specific tolerance requirements
Example Parts
Terminals, Connectors, Grounding, Heatsinks, Electrical Shielding Electrical Terminals; Heatsinks; Motor Parts; Retainers; Consumer Electronics
Markets and Industries Served
Consumer & automotive electronics, medical devices, audio-visual, power tools, gaming, computers, appliance, motors,  enerators, motors, and renewable energies. Energy, Healthcare, Technology, Telecommunications, Utilities, Solar, Wind, Consumer Goods, Automotive, Power Tools

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Perfection: “It’s our commitment to you.”

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