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Feb 25, 2021

In Retrospect, Perfection Spring & Stamping Leaps With Technology!

Many look forward to a weekly event in cyberspace called “TBT” or “Throwback Thursday”. What is “TBT” you may ask? It’s an acronym commonly used with photos posted on the internet or social media to remember the past, the history, or at times a photo of your friend with “Big 80’s Hair”. Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp. has been in in business since 1955, and we certainly have a lot of history we can look back on in the spirit of “TBT”. Today, just as in the past, we continue to reinvest in modern technology, systems, and capital equipment to provide our customers with the finest engineered and manufactured stampings, assemblies, springs, wireforms and prototypes. But, when we look at the technological advances we have made we cannot forget about the excitement we shared when we purchased our very first “Calculator”. What a proud moment that was for us, and while not as photogenic as “Big 80’s Hair”, we promoted the heck out of it with a newsletter (Today, some would call it a Blog).

The year was 1969 when Perfection led the industry with technological innovations and proudly featured this article in its customer newsletter…

August, 1969:

Perfection’s New System Speeds Up Engineering Calculations, Job Quotations!

We can now produce design data for accurate quotations faster than ever before thanks to a new electronic calculating system. Our Wang Model 360 Electronic Calculating System automatically adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides and will provide productivity improvements in speed and accuracy! Input of basic information is entered into the keyboard and produces an almost instantaneous visual readout of square roots, and logarithms! Product weight calculations, typically complicated computations, are now simple, fast and accurate performing amazingly better than the manual methods previously used, such as the trusted Slide-Rule. The system will even store and recall up to 10 digit numbers!

As you can imagine, we have made great strides over the years. From a simple calculator to our advanced quality lab that has a “Faro 3D Portable CMM Measurement System” & “Keyonce Visual Systems”. We continue to invest in the latest and greatest technology to meet our customers’ expectations for continuous improvement and cost savings. In fact, you can read about our new spring coilers and in-line oven from our blog post from December. We now appreciate the old cliché, “You’ve come a long way baby”. We always look forward to the future and know that customer satisfaction is the key to our success. For more information visit us at, or email us at

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