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Feb 25, 2021

Perfection Spring & Stamping – A Global Supplier

What do we mean when we say we are a global supplier?

It means that our exports continue to grow as the global market sees the advantages Perfection Spring & Stamping can offer.

Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp. currently serves North America, the European market, and Asia. Some of our shipping points include Canada, Mexico, China, Korea, The Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Israel, Malta, & India.

One thing that is unique about Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp., is that we choose to ship all over the world, rather than opening several plants. Some may question why we would do this if our demands are growing from all around the world. Simply put, it’s because we have no need to.

While many believe it is less expensive to have plants in several places, because of lower labor and shipping costs, we find ways to eliminate the extra labor all together. One way we do so is by incorporating many of the secondary processes, which add time and money in having to ship parts to other companies to be assembled, into the primary operations. We also offer what many off-shore companies cannot: Quality! When it comes to products that are assembled globally, we help reduce liability, rejects and returns of the products our customer manufacture.

Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp. offers a wide range of value-added and secondary services so that your parts are exactly the way you need them when they arrive. Our ability to completely fabricate a part from start to finish saves our customers time and money. For instance, we can engineer our dies to include ….. making it ready to go right off the press!

Along with our ability to streamline processes, our customers enjoy other advantages of manufacturing with us. Perfection Spring & Stamping offers:

  • Service and Security: We have financial stability, a diverse portfolio, world class quality, a global reach and rapid response.

  • Engineering Excellence: We offer design expertise, application experience, cooperative material selection, proactive cost reductions and risk mitigation.

  • Products and Processes: We provide expertise in progressive metal stamping, finishing operations, supply chain services, JIT and warehousing options, and total cost awareness.

  • Buyer's Benchmarks: We share technology updates, logistics trends, raw material trends, and cost breakdown details.

No matter where you are, give us a call or shoot us an email. Let’s see what we can do to save you time and money.

“The Perfection Advantage” – It’s what we provide to our customers every day around the world!

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