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Multislide & Fourslide Metal Stamping

Many customers seeking a traditional “Stamping” are often surprised to find we recommend designing and manufacturing a “Fourslide Stamping”, and multislide stamping services. Rather than a traditional progressive die tooling. A Four slide, also known as a Multislide, is a unique piece of machinery that can manufacture close tolerance parts very economically due to its high run rate and ability to run “Scrapless.” Additionally, Fourslide machines provide us with the ability to run not only flat-stock but the wire to create complete wire forms at a fraction of the cost of a traditional CNC wire forming machine.

We have the ability to design and manufacture custom metal fourslide stamping, and fourslide tooling to accommodate small stamped components, from flat stock, or intricate Wireforms, from round or square wire. We can provide you with Fasteners, Connectors, Clips, Contacts, Hangers, Retainers, and wire forms for a wide variety of industries and unique applications..

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What is a Fourslide?

Many people familiar with Fourslide machines believe that it can do everything a punch press can do...and more. To put it simply, a Fourslide machine is a stamping plant in itself. Though the tooling is complex and may seem a bit expensive at first, often the cost savings in piece price by eliminating costly secondary operations can be quickly made up for the high tooling cost. In certain situations, a Fourslide or Multislide machine and process is recommended over a Punch Press method of manufacture. Usually, a part produced from a Fourslide machine is more cost-effective than parts manufactured with a traditional progressive die on a Punch Press. Generally, a “Slide” part uses less material than that of a progressive die. Also, a more complex part can be produced completely without additional secondary operations. Often, tapping, chamfering, or staking operations can be designed into the tooling, which ultimately leads to significant cost savings.

Department Highlights

  • High speed production
  • Scrapless manufacturing
  • Eliminate secondary operations
  • Competitive Tooling

Product Capability Examples

Fourslide Stampings Videos

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