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Innovation and Patents

We help our customers to succeed, getting products to market "Better, faster, and cost-effective" is a key factor in our long-term relationships and ongoing partnerships with our customers. 

We can review, suggest or design products to meet your vision, "Design a better mouse-trap", and then manufature them in a cost-effective manner to meet your budgetary requirements.  We are proud to not only have received multiple customer awards for accomplishments, but have also been granted Patent's for our innovations.

U.S Patents Held By Perfection Spring & Stamping

U.S. Patent # 4,776,626 / Trunk Lid Hinge & Spring Assembly:

A hinge and spring assembly for the trunk lid of an automotive vehicle, comprising a mounting plate adapted to be secured to a body wall of a vehicle; a trunk lid connecting arm having a first end portion pivotally mounted upon said plate for movement of said arm between a lowered position and a fully raised position:  said arm having a second end portion adapted to be fixed to the underside of a trunk lid for movement of said lid between closed and open position said arm pivots between its lowered and fully raised positions;  a tension coil spring having one end connected to said arm at a point adjacent said first end portion and having its opposite end connected to said plate so that said spring is maintained in a longitudinally stretch.

U.S. Patent # 4,700,981 / Paint Drain Closure & Vehicle Panel:

A closure for sealing a paint drain hole in a planar portion of a vehicle body panel said closure compression of deformable sheet metal plug of inverted hat-shaped configuration; said plug being formed in a one-piece and having an imperforate bottom wall, a continuous side wall projecting upwardly from the outer limits of, said bottom wall, and a generally planar continuous perimetric flange extending outwardly from the upper end of said sidewall.  The projecting internal camming rib disposed within said the projected continuation of curvature of said sidewall and a thermoplastic sealant ring secured to the underside of the said flange.

U.S. Patent # 4,529,179 / Internal Nut For Adjusting The Tension of a Coil Spring:

A nut adapted to be screwed into a selected position along the inside of a coil spring for setting the spring's effective operating length and thereby controlling the tensioning force of that spring, said nut being integrally formed from flat sheet material and comprising a planar central disc portion and an outer rim portion of substantially the same thickness as said central disc portion, said outer portion having opposite side surfaces merging with the adjacent side surfaces of said central disc portion to proceed a smooth transition between said surfaces of the respective portions and having a notch means extending inwardly from the periphery thereof so that one turn of a helical screw thread beginning and ending at said notch means.

U.S. Patent # 4,830,348 / Noise Suppressing Device For Coil Springs:

In combination, a tension coil spring having a longitudinal axis and having a coiled portion of generally cylindrical configuration with a multiplicity of coils of equal size; a spring metal sleeve of accurate C-shaped transverse cross-section coaxial with said spring and having an axial length constituting a minor portion of the length of said coiled portion of said spring.

U.S. Patent # 4,889,327 / Multiple-Strand Torsion Spring:

A helical torsion spring comprising a plurality of spring wires disposed in parallel, contiguous relation and arranged in a helix composed of a series of coaxial coils; said wires being unconnected and free for limited movement relative to each other along a major portion of the length of said coils; each of said wires including a pair of end portions at opposite ends of said helix; said end portions of all of said wires at both ends of said helix being welded together.