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Automotive Aluminum Stamping with Foam Sealing Gasket

Savings Provided: $5,700,000

At Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp. we are the industry experts when it comes to manufacturing aluminum control modules (aka ECU, ECM, PCM, etc..) for the automotive electronics market. Traditionally, our customers assemble their circuit board directly to an aluminum cover . A “liquid RTV Sealant Gasket” is then typically applied to a groove on the periphery prior to assembly with the housing to insure the completed module is water-tight. However, the application and curing of the liquid RTV Sealant to the module is a very slow process, and often a bottle-neck on our Customers’ manufacturing lines.

Perfection's engineering team provided a lower cost and more efficient alternative solution by developing an innovative custom-designed work cell for applying a Foam Gasket directly to the stamping in-house at our facility such that our customer could receive the aluminum cover with the sealant gasket already installed. This allowed our customer to avoid adding a multi-million dollar capital investment in their facility for additional “RTV Application Lines”, optimize their plant floor space, and enhance the throughput of their assembly operations. In addition the pre-installed Foam Gasket provides the benefit of accounting for the stack-up tolerances between the 2 mating parts of the module while still ensuring no leak paths for fully sealed units. Another advantage is that the new Foam Gasket allows for serviceability of the module, vs. traditional RTV gaskets do not result in a serviceable unit.

By coming up with this innovative and cost-effective solution, Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp. continues to work for its customers success. This solution will save our customer millions of dollars over the years of production and is just another advantage of “The Perfection Advantage”.

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