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Tin Plate Steel Bezel for Automotive Infotainment

New Capability

A customer in the consumer electronics industry contracted Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp. for a precision tin plate steel bezel stamping project. The project developed from a progressive metal stamping requirement to a comprehensive development, stamping, and painting venture. When we discovered that none of our painting vendors would meet the tight painting tolerances required by our customer at a competitive cost, we went all in and brought the technology in-house for total quality and cost control. These are the types of projects that we excel at, as they employ our strength as a unique solutions-based partner.

The tin plate steel 2-¼ lb. coating, per ASTM A624z, Bezel was to be used to house, enclose, and electrically ground an entertainment system. Based on customer-supplied CAD drawings and specifications, the part was to measure 8” long, 5” wide, 0.75” high, and meet tolerances of ± 0.001”. Unlike many other metal stamping projects we undertake, the strict cosmetic requirements of this job required us to add a new process and capability to our existing list of expertise. The entire frame had to be completely free of blemishes and meet tight cosmetic finish requirements. To that end, we masked the part prior to painting it and created a custom painting process ensuring that the final product was nothing less than perfect.

Prior to the final step in the project, we performed a variety of tests on the product to ensure it would surpass our customer’s expectations. We did in-process real-time SPC of critical dimensions, CMM measurement, 3x Life cycle testing, and analyzed various reports on dimensions, gage repeatability, and reproducibility variables. Once all of the inspections and reporting was completed to our satisfaction, we finished the bezel with a railroad engine black floquil paint for the perfect cosmetic finish our customer expected.

The customer was thrilled with the final product, and complimented our development, stamping, and painting services by ordering 550,000 pieces per year. At Perfection Spring & Stamping, if we don’t have the process to make perfection happen, we invent it. Contact us to see how we can provide quality services to your next project.

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