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Double Torsion Spring for the Consumer Electronics Industry

Savings Provided: $420,000

An electronics customer approached Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp. for a solution to simplify an existing product while increasing its cycle time and lowering the cost of production. The original product, a music wire double extension spring with hook ends, was used in a television application and was not meeting cycle time requirements consistently. After deconstructing the original spring and producing several new prototypes, our engineers at Perfection determined that the best way to serve our client was to redesign the part as a double torsion spring.

As seen in the photo comparison, the simpler design actually yields results beyond the customer's design requirements. In addition to increased performance, the cost savings on the annual 12 million piece production output is substantial. We achieved this success through an Itaya CNC Spring Former, producing the necessary tooling for the former to manufacture the part quickly and efficiently. Working within tolerances of ± .005", the new music wire double torsion spring measures 4" long, with a .75" width and a wire thickness of .090". Our customer could not have been more pleased when our work exceeded expectations and cut costs, a success for both the client and for us.

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