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Aluminum Heat Sink Fin Assembly for the Consumer Electronic Industry

Savings Provided: $3,150,000

In pursuit of a more cost-effective solution with lower failure rates, Perfection Spring & Stamping Corp. worked with a customer in the projection television industry to develop a new design for an aluminum heat sink fin assembly. The original design consisted of extruded aluminum in a glued assembly, which led to customer rejects or outright product defects.

Perfection Spring & Stamping settled on an unprecedented progressive stamping process using two presses (a 150-ton and a 200-ton) and multiple stations: 8 for the base plates, and 10 to stamp the fins. This design, which had not been used before because the customer had not believed it possible, eliminated the gluing assembly step and increased the part's success rate, leading to cost savings for the customer over the 6-year product program.

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