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Feb 25, 2021

Medical Device Innovations

The population is aging, but not one of us wants to hear “You’re at THAT age!” from the doctor. Luckily, each day brings something new to the world of medical technology to help all of us live longer healthier lives. Amazing advances in the healthcare and medical fields continue to multiply exponentially. And each new device promises to deliver new hope to those patients who are currently out of options.

Medical technology companies are focusing on products that can bring about safer, faster, more efficient patient care. You can thank industry engineers and scientists for coming up with a constant flow of fresh ideas for improving and managing your health.

Because medical devices have such an increasingly important role in our lives, here are some top medical devices that have been recently approved by the FDA, or are already in use.

The Nucleus® Hybrid™ L24 Cochlear Implant System (also referred to as “Hybrid L24”) is used to treat hearing loss caused by defective inner ear function. The Hybrid L24 is an implant that consists of a receiver/stimulator, as well as an intra-cochlear electrode array, a processor worn externally, programming software and instruments, plus several remote control options.

Barraquer Wire Speculum Solid Blade by "Eye Care & Cure"

The CardioMEMS HF System measures and monitors the pulmonary artery (PA) pressure and heart rate in patients with heart failure. The System consists of an implantable sensor, delivery system, and Patient Electronics System. The sensor is permanently placed in the pulmonary artery; the Patient Electronics System is separate and includes an electronics unit, antenna and pillow. The components read the PA pressure measurements from the sensor and transmit the information to your doctor. After analyzing the information, the doctor can suggest medication changes to treat the patient’s condition.

The Inspire Upper Airway Stimulation (UAS) system is an implantable nerve stimulator that treats moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Several components are implanted: the pulse generator (IPG), stimulation lead, and sensing lead. Two additional external pieces include the physician programmer and the patient programmer or sleep remote. Your doctor can monitor your breathing pattern and adjust IPG stimulation settings from the external physician programmer. The sleep remote lets the patient control the timing to turn on and off when he goes to bed and wakes up.

The Dallen Compressyn Band Implant is a knotless cerclage device that makes use of a spring to supply dynamic compression to aid in bone healing following open heart surgery. The design of the Compressyn Band is intended to utilize virtually the same technique commonly used by cardiothoracic surgeons for closing the sternum following open chest procedures. It’s plate-like rigidity can be delivered at a fraction of the cost of plate & screw systems, and the surgeons have the ability to quickly remove the Bands in those rare cases where getting back into the chest is critical.

It’s amazing what the medical industry is creating each year. At Perfection Spring & Stamping, we’ve worked with a multitude of medical customers to design and fabricate components that are used in cutting edge medical devices and equipment. From ophthalmic and optometric equipment to orthopedic technologies, we have helped our customers innovate to serve not only our customer, but humankind.

We look forward to working with other medical device OEMs to innovate and take your concept to reality. Perhaps that’s why the customer’s we work with call us their “Perfection Advantage”. Contact us at or

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